Real Estate Transfers – Douglas County

Omaha World-Herald (NE) – Sunday, September 11, 2011
Readability: 11-12 grade level (Lexile: 1290L)


HearthStone Homes to Boyer Young Holdings LLC, 8906 N. 159th Ave., $139,000.

HearthStone Homes to Boyer Young Holdings LLC, 8902 N. 159th Ave., $116,000.

HearthStone Homes to Boyer Young Holdings LLC, 15912 Hanover Falls Drive, $126,000.

HearthStone Homes to Haynes, Tracy A., 14613 Knudsen St., $140,000.


Fenton, Thomas J. and Wendi L. to Tolleson, Kerry L. and Heather, 813 S. 182nd St., $420,000.

Fire-Omaha LLC to Perchal, Troy and April, 19624 Harney St., $45,000.

Fire-Omaha LLC to Castle Brook Builders, 1003 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $41,000.

Gesiriech, Harley L. and Janice D. to Seitner, Richard and Bobbie, 20772 Sequoia St., $244,000.

HearthStone Homes to Boyer Young Holdings LLC, 1729 N. 206th St., $102,000.

HearthStone Homes to Boyer Young Holdings XI LLC, 1321 N. 209th St., $156,000.

Hildy Construction to Campbell, Aaron L., 803 S. 189th St., $283,000.

Kalina, Jeffrey J. and Deborah S. to Spence, Robert E. and Jean C., 20920 Buckskin Trail, $451,000.

Malibu Holdings to Mielak, Michael S. and Aaron M., 20007 Harney St., $231,433.

Marasco Homes to Ulrich, Kathleen M. and Koziol, Lisa M., 19624 Mason St., $303,000.

Paradise Homes to Kraudy, Kyle D. and Lisa M., 19901 Leavenworth St., $307,000.

Prairie Homes to Kalina, Jeffrey J. and Deborah S., 21729 Ridge Circle, $352,000.

SNGF Development to Hooker, Kevin W. and Shawnda D., 19927 Logan Circle, $61,000.


Magiera, Paul G. to Lahners, Lisa M., 336 Shorewood Lane, $240,000.


Christiansen, Lodine and David to Lay, Maung and Mya, Eh, 5411 N. 63rd St., $82,000.

Deutsche Bank to CPI Housing Fund, 5910 Fowler Ave., $21,000.

Hassenstab, Patricia, trustee, for the Haseenstab, Alvin and Frances Trust to Baker, Jamie A., 6321 Parker St., $57,900.

Luetchens, Melvin H. and Nancy J. to Ossowski, Matthew W., 5821 Northwest Drive, $73,000.

Vernon, Jason and Rachelle to Gier, John L., 2412 Fontenelle Blvd., $95,000.


H and S Partnership LLP to Miranda, Jose B., 2717 Poppleton Ave., $15,000.

James, Conrad W. Jr. and Sally A. to Herrero, Rafael and Andrea, 3056 S. 43rd St., $145,000.

Jantz, Kent and Sharon K. to Hamilton, Larry C. Sr. and Trust, 4025 Spring Circle, $28,000.


Culver, Robert H. Jr. and Reilly-Culver, Debra to Dunford, Chris L., 1930 S. 46th St., $115,000.

Fontenelle, Logan and Galus-Fontenelle, Leah to Wentz, Patricia M., 2119 S. 46th St., $95,000.

Mullen, Robert E. to Peeler, Lauren D., 4854 B St., $128,000.

Smith, Evelyn M. to Byman, Brad, 4504 Mayberry St., $22,000.


Citicorp Trust Bank to Walkowiak, Michael A., 1308 O St., $19,999.

Taylor, Louis and Marie to Triple Play Investments, 6041 S. 37th St., $44,000.


Habitat for Humanity to Gurung, Deo and Gori, 3823 N. 17th St., $127,000.


Penn, Evelyn B. to Holloway, Aaron N. Jr. and Payton, Ericka R., 3732 Hartman Ave., $42,000.


Bank of America and Bac Home Loans Servicing LP to IDA Inc., 7507 N. 34th St., $32,000.

Driscoll, Timothy E. and Andrea E. to Gabel, Krystal S., 2864 Whitmore St., $80,000.

JA Stick Sons Real Estate Investments to Leeward Investment Group, 3082 Martin Ave., $45,000.

Mike, Darren A. and Melody to Sporcic, Mark E., 3039 Whitmore St., $84,950.

US Bank to Fleetwood Investments, 6501 N. 36th St., $38,000.


Jessen, David N. and Kristin to Barker, Grace I. and Ralph L., 509 N. 74th Ave., $97,000.

Riordan, Michael and Victoria B. to Hoberman, Joshua L. and Megan K., 8910 Westover Road, $353,000.

Schumacher, Robert K. and Gladys M. Trust to Schumacher, Trent A., 1725 Hillside Drive, $90,000.

Warrick, Joann L. to Rivercity Real Estate Co., 8031 Davenport St., $180,000.

Wees, Gregory A. and Coreen M. to Jackson, Ellen G. and Gregory R., 823 N. 74th Ave., $120,000.


Amatulli, Jennifer L. to Larsen, Kimberly K. and Thomas C., 5903 N. 166th Court, $91,000.

Butler, Terrance J. and Angela M. to Minturn, Matthew J. and Brianne J., 17102 Sprague St., $137,000.

Capazo, Gary M. and Vicki to Hansen, Kathleen A., 5108 N. 154th St., $120,000.

Celebrity Homes to Krishnamurthy, Jairam and Devi M., 4627 N. 166th St., $152,000.

Daly, Molly M. and Dustin to Fotinos, Emily A., 17175 Ruggles St., $131,000.

Gosch, Christopher N. and Elise M. to Backemeyer, Tyler C. and Keely J., 17113 Burdette St., $231,000.

Holling, Ronald E. and Judith L. to Abboud , Mark, 14518 Larimore Ave., $146,960.

Hulbert, Gregory J. and Rita L. to Glab, Joseph T. and Christie J., 3123 N. 170th St., $220,000.

McDonald, Kendell L. and Stacie D. to Driscoll, Timothy E. and Andrea, 15310 Butler Ave., $159,500.

Ramm Holdings LLC to Peaceful Hearts, 17323 Redman Circle, $30,000.

Rockow, Virgil H. and Charlene L. to Showalter, Lisa, 14534 Saratoga St., $165,000.

Simmons, Charles N. to Malousek, Steven R. and Kelli M., 4011 N. 159th St., $214,000.

Sirles, Donald P. and Joanna M. to Brown, Keith L. and Patricia M., 14906 Binney St., $158,000.

Stroebele, Joshua J. and Karen E. to Seely, Brian and Annette, 4222 N. 176th St., $236,900.

Trademark Homes to Kaplan, Kenton and Devon L., 2110 N. 174th St., $250,000.


Escobar, Shenea L. and Luis A. to Ullrich, William J., 5622 S. 51st St., $87,000.

Felinski, Mildred V. to Stull, Jesse J. and Amy M., 4506 Monroe St., $119,000.

Planer, Zachary E. to Pickard, Suzan M., 4467 S. 62nd St., $79,000.

Putjenter, Daniel J. to Caradori, Shane T. and Billie J., 5704 Fay Blvd., $27,000.


Camden Grove Townhomes to Minikus, Thomas J., 1855 N. 176th Plaza, $131,900.

Christensen, Joan E. to Lapke, Gerald F. Trust, 17632 Leavenworth St., $325,000.

Hesse, Deborah J. and Marilyn A. Trust to Johnson, James E., 1879 N. 175th Court, $125,000.

Lambert, Lisa to Domm, Paul H. and Holly K., 16321 Charles Circle, $230,000.


Blumer, Diana K. and Spech, Orpha M. to Christensen, Robert N. and Norma J., 7425 N. 77th Ave., $140,000.

Boyer Young Equities XI LLC to Hurt, Jimmy J., 7327 N. 90th St., $154,000.

Comer, Jason P. to Steg, David M., 7711 Bondesson St., $129,950.


Day, Thomas E. and Joanne S. to Bannister, Bradley R. and Heather N., 8072 Arbor St., $115,000.

Hotz, Donald Jr. and Evelyn S. Trust to Hagen, Beverly J., 7416 Ontario St., $236,000.

Lankin, Laurie to Bumgardner, Thomas L., 3638 S. 91st St., $42,000.

Lund, Jay P. to Rames, Kurt and Bethanie, 7815 Pine Circle, $404,000.

Stroh, Mark W. and Betty M. Trust to Mendenhall, Susan M. and Grothe, Laura L., 7675 Hickory St., $162,000.


Bank of New York to Gillespie, Timothy J. and Theresa J., 7627 Belmont Drive, $63,500.

Citimortgage to Cleveland, Brandon and Kristi, 6418 S. 99th St., $170,000.

Daniels, Vernon C. Trust to Hrbek, Sallee A., 5624 S. 92nd Plaza, $115,000.

Feldhaus, Jason R. and Adrienne N. to Teager, Christine L., 7529 Hayes Circle, $131,000.

Osborn, Raymond G. to Hill, Paul F. and Martha, 7221 Washington St., $127,500.


Arnett, Brandi L. and Gary P. to McManis, John S., 16112 Arbor St., $149,000.

Delp, Douglas A. and Cindy S. to Semin, Gina M., 18132 Atlas St., $247,000.

Foley, Gregory S. and Ronda J. to Turner, Rex K. and Rhonda K., 3315 S. 165th Ave., $230,000.

Kraudy, Kyle D. and Lisa M. to Vermeer, Ryan T. and Angela M., 19701 Woolworth Ave., $225,000.

Kreutzberg, Eric A. and Karrin C. to Papatyi, Anthony F. and Anne C., 18569 Van Camp Drive, $360,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Gudjenov, Valentin G. and Elena H., 3904 S. 181st St., $239,000.

Poyner, Erin M. to Hudson, Robert S., 16112 Wright Plaza, $94,000.

Prentiss, Michael A. and Kathryn to Zach, Jeremy V. and Colleen M., 1716 S. 165th Circle, $192,000.

Schmidt, David L. and Lois C. to Pietramale, R.L. and K.D., 1515 S. 181st St., $270,000.

Seitner, Richard M. and Bobbie A. to Bird, Vincent J. and Elaine H., 17119 Pierce St., $210,000.

Short, Justin B. and Jaime E. to Cole, David D. and Nell K., 1305 S. 166th St., $149,000.


Astley, William S. and Susanne K. to Carney, Rebecca A. and James J., 6132 Western Ave., $115,000.

Danenhauer, Robert A. and Shelley R. to Herbener, David L. and Ann M., 6510 Charles St., $80,000.

First National Bank, trustee for the Daugherty, Robert B. Trust to Anthone, Gary L. and Annlouise, 400 N. Elmwood Road, $1,825,000.

LFIVE LLC to Stodola, Marc D., 127 Dundee Ridge Court, $23,000.

Murray, John and Deborah to Mueller, Christopher and Lauren, 1111 N. 56th St., $247,000.

Peare, Debra A. to Spangrud, Jeffrey and Christine M., 632 N. 47th St., $135,000.

Prell, John K. to Ahlvers, Chad M., 5105 Underwood Ave., $85,000.


Alexander, Velma to Sharp, Thomas L., 9923 Manderson St., $95,000.

Clites, Deanna M. and Richard A. to Drunheller, Bradley and Raschelle, 7980 Hartman Ave., $136,000.

Glab, Joseph T. and Christie J. to Douglas, Vickie L., 3830 N. 99th Circle, $145,000.

Hansen, Kathleen A. Trust to Kimble, William F., 8705 Evans St., $109,000.

Johnson, Angela L. to Ruiz-Negrete, Victor A., 6416 N. 80th Avenue Circle, $113,487.

Lenagh, Paul A. and Jennifer M. to Holmes, James, 6030 N. 105th St., $110,000.

Shoemaker, Brian T. and John F. Trust to Rice, Tina M., 2609 N. 102nd Ave., $140,000.


Boysen, Douglas N. and Diane C. to Short, Justin and Jaime, 16405 Holmes St., $216,500.

Celebrity Homes to Niles, Megan N. and Adam R., 6121 S. 189th St., $151,000.

Celebrity Homes to Payne, Shawn M., 5907 S. 190th Terrace, $146,000.

Frank, Jennifer E. and Casey C. to Dorr, Richard, 18168 Hayes Court, $80,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Mardi, David W. and Sandra M., 5605 S. 165th St., $256,000.

Rocha, Maximo and Kelly A. to Gunn, Andrew W. III and Sherry L., 18530 Cinnamon St., $288,000.

Rodick, Matthew C. and Alicia to Putler, Kevin C. and Jodi A., 17475 L St., $215,000.

Rosso, Larry V. and Penny E. to Liebentritt, Gregory and Anne, 4346 S. 178th St., $123,000.

Stephenson, Robert R. and Helena S. to Campagna, Christopher C. and Mareaeric, 16411 W St., $244,000.

Valmar LLC to Torczon, Gerald, 19612 H Circle, $46,000.

Valmar LLC to Torczon, Gerald, 19606 H Circle, $41,000.


Miller, Robert L. and Mary M. to Salisbury, John O., 13412 Polk St., $185,000.

O’Hearn, Thomas M. to Weier, Lonnie J. and Michelle M., 5859 S. 146th St., $128,000.

Wooley, Richard S. and Janet L. to Del Castillo David, Christian, 10978 Washington St., $170,000.


Castle Brook Builders to Ziska, Doug and Nicole, 7429 N. 118th Circle, $40,000.


Hartmann, Charles E. and Linda C. to Fusco, Virginia K., 1118 S. 113th Court, $385,000.

Sena, Michael S. and Rebecca to Bainbridge, Tracy and Charoenvanich-Burrel, Sumalin, 13324 Shirley St., $154,000.


Sobczak, Arthur J. and Nanette R. to Padron, Hugo A., 4228 Harrison St., $69,900.


Sinsheimer, David A. and Jane E. to Shehan, Joseph F., 12718 Capitol Plaza, $370,000.


Celebrity Homes to Danker, Richard G. and Betty L., 6514 N. 143rd St., $140,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wiethop, Deanna D., 6510 N. 143rd St., $140,000.

Dev, Chander P. and Neelam to Daniels, Vernon C., 4803 N. 135th St., $243,000.

Kellogg Co. Employees Federal to Jacob Lynn Enterprises LLC, 11311 Camden Ave., $108,000.

Kudlacek, Steven E. and Erin L. to Beckwith, Daniel J., 4125 N. 142nd Ave., $264,000.

Pollard, Scott to Moon, Adam M. and Angie V., 11284 Martin Ave., $118,000.

Rhoades, Michael and Nicole to Rosacker, Jeana M., 6612 N. 111th St., $113,700.

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