Playground Accidents

Playground injuries occur at an alarming rate in the United States.  In fact, each year more than 200,000 children are treated in emergency departments for playground-related accidents.  In 2001, a leading medical study published in the journal Ambulatory Pediatrics found that the injuries caused by playground accidents caused a higher portion of severe injuries than bicycle or motor vehicle accidents in children aged five to nine.  Dozens of children suffer fatal playground accidents annually.

The most common causes of serious playground injuries are strangulation and slips and falls.  The most common non-fatal playground injuries are severe bone fractures, internal injuries, dislocations, amputations, concussions and other head injuries.  Playground injuries can occur on residential playgrounds, school playgrounds and public parks and recreational areas.

What are the Causes of Playground Accidents?


  • Lack of Adequate Supervision – Playground injuries can occur when children are not properly supervised.  The National Program for Playground Safety maintains that supervision is the key to reducing playground injuries.  When children suffer injuries on the playground due to negligent supervision, those responsible can be held liable for resulting expenses, losses, and suffering.
  • Poorly Maintained Playground Equipment – Regular maintenance of playground equipment is essential in preventing playground accidents.  Sharp edges, dysfunctional equipment parts, slippery surfaces and other dangers of a poorly maintained playground can be responsible for serious playground injuries.  Those responsible for playground maintenance can be liable for injuries resulting from dangerous equipment and conditions.
  • Poorly Designed and Constructed Playground Facilities – The design of playground sites must be age-appropriate in order to prevent playground accident occurrences.  It is also important for proper fall surfacing to be used.  Since most serious playground accidents are the result of falls, rubberized or other soft ground cover is essential in playground areas to prevent serious injury.  Those responsible for poorly designing or constructing playground areas may be held responsible when children get hurt.

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