Product Liability

Did You Get Hurt by a Product?

Every day, individuals are injured or become ill due to the improper construction of products they purchase. When this happens, individuals are entitled to some form of compensation from the company that manufactured the product. However, in these situations it isn’t advisable to do so on your own. If you need help with this type of case, turn to the product liability lawyers at Injury Lawyer Omaha in Lincoln and Omaha, NE.

Gather the Right Evidence

Our product liability attorneys know what types of evidence you need to prove it is the company’s fault that you were injured or became ill. The company’s lawyers are likely to try to spin the case to show that you didn’t use the product properly, which resulted in the negative effects. Fortunately, our lawyers in Lincoln and Omaha, NE know what types of evidence are necessary to get the compensation you deserve from the manufacturer.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Sometimes an insurance company is aware they are going to lose the case. In these situations, they are likely to offer a settlement that may look good when you first see it. It may seem as if you won’t do any better if you go to court. In these situations, you need our product liability lawyers in Omaha and Lincoln, NE. Our product liability attorneys will calculate the amount of money you are entitled to and help you fight for fair compensation. Don’t settle for less!


Representative products liability actions handled by this office include:

An action by a 26 year old water well driller whose arm was amputated and was rendered quadriplegic due to the defective design of a “kelly”, the spinning part of a rig which powers the drilling mechanism. Please see: Failure To Supervise Contractor Leads To Catastrophic Injury.

An action by an aerospace executive who was severely burned while using his barbecue on the Fourth of July. Through aggressive investigation, it was determined that his cylinders were overfilled by his local gas station. In addition, it was determined that the cylinder company had explicit knowledge of several overfilling accidents yet failed to alter its warnings. Please see: V.P. of Aerospace Co. Suffers 3rd Degree Burns From Overfilled Propane Cylinder.

The Disneyland accidents involving “the Sailing Ship Columbia” and “Big Thunder Mountain” were essentially defective product claims. The theory that rides at a theme park be in good working order and that the owner has a duty to keep their rides in good working order, can be traced back to the core of products liability. In the Columbia accident a metal cleat was riped from the ship and hurrdled into a crowd due to rotted wood and a nylon rope. While on Big Thunder Mountain the failure to install a safety wire created a chain of events resulting in the train to fall apart and crash.

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