Roof Crush Injury

Roof crush injuries pose a serious threat to passengers involved in rollover accidents in vehicles with sub-standard or defective roofs. Roof crush often occurs when a roof is not strong enough to remain intact during an accident (what experts call “crashworthy”). Defective or weak roofs can crush passengers, act as a piercing object that causes bodily harm, or may open up a space in the vehicle large enough for a passenger to be ejected out of the vehicle. In each of these cases, roof crush typically results in catastrophic and even fatal injuries.

Vehicle makers have a duty to design, produce, and properly install crashworthy roofs. If a roof crushes in an accident, the victims of ensuing injuries have the legal right to seek compensation for their losses and suffering from the responsible auto company and possibly other responsible parties. If you or a loved one was seriously harmed by roof crush injuries, you may wish to contact a qualified attorney who can evaluate your case to determine your legal rights and options. Please contact the qualified California attorneys as Injury Lawyer Omaha to receive the help you need today. Read on to learn more about roof crush injuries in auto accidents.


Roof Crush Injury Statistics

Every year in the United States, rollover vehicle accidents claim a quarter million lives. These are the type of accident during which roof crush injuries are most likely sustained. According to official sources, roof crush injuries kill 10,000 people on US roadways annually. Moreover, statistics indicate that approximately half of all fatality victims first sustained roof crush injuries. In most of these cases, a crashworthy roof might have saved their lives.

Because SUVs and similarly shaped and weight distributed vehicles have a greater propensity to roll over in an accident, the risk of roof crush might present an even greater threat to the drivers and passengers of these types of vehicles. (See also SUV rollover, for more information)

More Stringent Standards

While the federal government passed some legislation back in the 1970s to increase industry standards for auto roof strength, consumer advocacy groups point out that this set of standards exempts many SUVs—sadly the type of vehicle with the highest rollover risk—from complying with standards that keep us safe and prevent roof crush. While experts estimate that the cost of improving roof strength is minimal (often less than $50 per vehicle) simple protection against roof crush injury is often forgone for the sake of greater vehicle profits.

Due to failure to make crashworthy roofs and windshields (which are integral to roof strength), many roofs crush during vehicle accidents and pose major threats to those involved. Spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and wrongful death are among the most common roof crush injuries that occur in what might have been a survivable rollover accident.

If you or a loved one has suffered roof crush injuries in an automobile accident, it is wise to seek legal help in seeking compensation for your losses. Please contact the experienced attorneys at Injury Lawyer Omaha today for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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