Time is of the essence. When you’re involved in a serious accident, your personal and medical needs won’t wait on claim settlements. Don’t hesitate to seek the advice of an attorney or obtain needed medical care.

Let us take care of your immediate needs, by helping you:

  • Get the medical treatment you need.
  • Get your car repaired and assist you in getting a rental car if your car is disabled.
  • Get your lost wages paid.
  • Handle the hassles and paperwork for you.
  • Get compensation for your pain.
  • Handle negotiations with insurance adjusters.
  • Protect your legal rights.
  • No Recovery – No Fee
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Appointment Flexibility & Home Visits
  • Give Us An Opportunity To Help
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We realize that any kind of personal injury is difficult to deal with – but add to it the cost of medical bills, lost time from work, damages to your vehicle, and other losses. It can be very devastating. As personal injury attorneys, we focus on your rights as an accident victim, and our primary obligation is to protect those rights.

We can assist you by letting you know what your rights are. Insurance companies have huge staffs of adjusters to represent their interest with the sole intent of settling claims as quickly and economically as possible. Be advised that there are pitfalls in giving your statement to the adjuster. You, in turn, have individual rights that could be overlooked if you are not properly represented by a qualified attorney.

At the Injury Lawyer Omaha we provide professional representation coupled with proven experience in personal injury cases. We will help you receive fair compensation for all medical bills, loss of earnings, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and any other damages. Unless you receive compensation, you owe us no legal fee.

We urge you to choose an attorney you trust because we believe trust is essential in any client/attorney relationship.

At the Injury Lawyer Omaha we have built our business on the premise that all clients must be able to depend on us to represent their best interests. This means being available to answer questions as well as keeping clients advised of their claims process. It’s a simple matter of putting our clients’ needs first.

The bottom line – we will ensure that you receive the respect and fair treatment you deserve. Consider us, the Injury Lawyer Omaha, your vehicle for speedy recovery. We cannot take the hurt away, but we can lessen your financial and emotional pain and help you receive fair compensation.

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“My wife and I are extremely grateful for this firm’s assistance, guidance, and representation through a very trying ordeal…”
“Thank you for making a very difficult time in our life more manageable and with the utmost respect and integrity….”
“The attorneys we worked with as well as the staff were always making sure our needs were met…”
“The whole staff are extremely professional and genuinely concerned…”
“I cannot thank the firm enough for believing in me and for fighting for justice…”